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Levack Physiotherapy

The Running Analysis takes the form of a warm up and then filming the client running from the side and behind.  The videos are then loaded onto the computer where using specialist software, we can slow the videos down and show you in detail what inefficiencies and problems one may have (as well as explaining what is good!).

Then an Functional Movement Assessment (FMA) is undertaken where we determine where any weaknesses, tightnesses and compensations lie as well as altered movement patterns due to injury (current and historical). 


With the information from both the Running Analysis and the FMA a true picture of the clients needs can be identified, and then, effectively worked on via realistic goal setting. Every runner is different, with different problems, ambitions and needs.  There is no one size fits all method to running technique and it takes time and effort to change.


















Running and Movement Clinics are located at

The Barclay Clinic

78 Barclay Street


AB39 2AR

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