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Levack Physiotherapy

Movement Re-Education

How we move is everything, unfortunately a lot of us aren’t moving very well and it is the cause of a lot of pain, injury and poor performance.


Our brains have neuromuscular patterns of movement that are malleable, and can change over time as a result of injury, bad habits and lack of use. Changed movement patterns or technique can be the reason why some injuries never seem to resolve AND why some start in the first place. 

Traditional therapies focus on the site of pain, or the site of a problem causing the pain.  Whilst we do the same, at the same time we also look at why that problem happened and aim to fix that. How is their functional daily movement causing the problem, if we do not improve the movement pattern we cannot fully resolve an issue long term.  After injury or surgery, the main aim is to return your movement pattern to the optimum, in order to return to activity or sport at the highest level possible with the lowest risk of re-injury.

Re-educating and re-training someones movement starts with a Functional Movement Analysis.

Movement Clinics are located at

The Barclay Clinic

78 Barclay Street


AB39 2AR

*however can on request be done in a home setting.

What We Do


Jay had been unable to run for 18 months due to hamstring and IT Band pain.  In fact it was so sever that he felt pain every day walking and transferring in and out of the car too. The movement and running analysis revealed all and we set to work - within 3 sessions the pain disappeared and we began running, after 6 we were confident that  he was good to go and enjoy his hobby again.

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