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Levack Physiotherapy

6 week Running Technique Programme

Who is it for? 


Beginner Runners - Serious Amateurs - Elite Athletes - Distance Runners - Triathletes - Kids as young as 8

To change running technique to improve speed, efficiency or to reduce the injury risk takes time and effort.  It is learning a skill and that cannot be done overnight.  A combination of technique drills, activation, strength and mobility exercises comprise sessions which challenge mentally as well as physically to make the necessary changes.  To consolidate....there is homework! 

The programme requires commitment from both therapist and client to get the best results possible. It takes 6-8 weeks to make plastic changes in your movement patterns, some people may require longer if there are considerable problems. For that reason there is only an option of the 6 session plan, otherwise results cannot be guaranteed.

Session 1 takes the form of the Running Analysis to show us the specific running issues and then in a Functional Movement Assesment (FMA) to assess in detail why the running issues are occurring.  From this comprehensive initial assessment the client and therapist can discuss the problems and link in to setting realistic goals to reach by the end of the programme.

Session 2-5 will be treadmill based drills using unique accelerated learning techniques along with specific strengthening, activation, co-ordination and mobility exercises.

Session 6 is half technique session, then an after video will be taken for comparison (which is the clients to take away) and the goals and improvements will be discussed as well as advice and information on how to maintain good technique.

For more information and prices, please get in touch in any of the possible methods.

What we do...

Young footballer Dylan was struggling with speed despite being technically very gifted

Co-ordination was a big issue as well as a bad habit of always trying to heel strike what accelerating.  We worked indoors and outdoors with Dylan to improve his acceleration, change of direction and straight line speed.

What we do...

Young Rugby Player Angus was looking to improve his running and movement to help with his speed on the pitch.

After 6 sessions of hard work and effort the results speak for themselves as Angus started beating players on the pitch that he was in the past used to being much slower than.

Running and Movement Clinics are located at

The Barclay Clinic

78 Barclay Street


AB39 2AR

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