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Levack Physiotherapy
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"Move like you we evolved to, not like you have learned to"

Our body evolved to move in a certain way and works spectacularly well when everything is working properly.  Modern lifestyle, however, demands long periods of inactivity and sitting which along with injury and bad habits can alter our movement patterns. Altered movement or joint positions means abnormal stresses on muscles, tendons, ligaments and joints and over time will result in damage and pain.

By combining traditional Physiotherapy with Movement Re-patterning  we can heal the pain and rehabilitate you back to better than you were before - to fix our patients, not just heal.


We treat adults and children in retraining their movement, walking and running technique in order to improve efficiency and reduce injuries. Using a unique movement re-patterning methodology developed over 30 years by the Running and Movement School in London we can rehabilitate and gain speed and efficiency of movement with remarkable outcomes.  Results speak for themselves


Running Technique aberdeen

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